Kaya Holdings, Inc.

Kaya Holdings, Inc.

Kaya Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: KAYS) is a mind care company focusing on wellness and mental health through operations in medical and recreational cannabis, CBD products and psychedelic treatment clinics. KAYS is a fully reporting, US-based publicly traded company, listed for trading on the over-the-counter market under the symbol KAYS.


Key Facts:


Sector: Cannabis

Company Website: kayaholdings.com

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915 Middle River Drive, Suite 316
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

Nachal Ayalon 3/6
Tzur Yitzchak, Israel 45808

Syggrou Av. 196 & Charokopou 2
17671 Kallithea, Athens, Greece

Kaya Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: KAYS)
Kaya Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: KAYS)
Kaya Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: KAYS)


Kaya Holdings, Inc (OTCQB:KAYS) is a mind care company focusing on wellness and mental health through operations in medical and recreational cannabis, CBD products and psychedelic treatment clinics.

KAYS has the historical distinction of being the first U.S. publicly traded company to hold and operate cannabis licenses in “touch the plant” categories when it commenced cannabis operations in Portland, Oregon in 2014.

In 2018, frustrated with elusive federal legalization, and after operating cultivation and processing facilities, building a strong retail brand, developing consumer brands in smokable, extracted, and infused categories, and establishing an extensive genetic library, management elected to leverage its experience in more inviting markets. Today KAYS has two Greek licenses and an Israeli license, with its first Greek project under development.

And now, as we approach the advent of the medical psychedelic market we are again among the innovators, with 9 years of cannabis experience to fortify us as we move to open one of the first state licensed Psilocybin Treatment Centers in the United States in Portland, Oregon. Whether cannabis or psychedelics, our team is motivated by, and dedicated to, providing relief from debilitating, treatment resistant mental health conditions like depression, PTSD, eating disorders, and addiction through emerging legal alternative remedies.

KAYS subsidiaries include:

Fifth Dimension Therapeutics, Inc.

Fifth Dimension Therapeutics, Inc. serves as the Company’s operating branch in the psychedelic treatment sector, including operation of mushroom cultivation facilities and The Scared Mushroom™ treatment centers.

Marijuana Holdings Americas, Inc.

Marijuana Holdings Americas, Inc. owns the Kaya Shack™ brand of licensed medical and recreational marijuana stores (www.kayashack.com) and the Kaya Farms™ brand of cannabis production and processing operations in the United States.

Kaya Brands International, Inc.

Kaya Brands International, Inc. serves as the vehicle for the Company’s non-U.S. operations including cultivation activities under development in Greece and Israel.

Kaya Brands USA, Inc.

Kaya Brands USA, Inc. owns a wide range of proprietary brands of cannabis extracts, oils, pre-rolls, topicals, edibles and beverages, cannaceuticals and related accessories.

Snapshot KAYS Psychedelic Operations:

5th Dimension Therapeutics™ is the corporate subsidiary organized by KAYS to pursue new activities in the emerging psilocybin market. This includes activities related to joint opportunities with pharmaceutical companies, as well as operating the Company’s psilocybin treatment centers, to be called The Sacred Mushroom™.

In accordance with Oregon state law, and pursuant to being duly licensed, the Company will provide psilocybin based therapeutic treatments at “Mushroom Exploration Centers. These facilities will feature only Company cultivated mushrooms and offer of variety of compelling patient experiences expected to be unique to KAYS.


Craig R. Frank – Chairman, CEO, Kaya Holdings, Inc., and Subsidiaries

Craig Frank has been Chairman of the Board, President, Chief Executive Officer, and a director of Kaya Holdings since January 2010. Craig has been a key architect in the development and implementation of KAYS’ vision, strategies, and business plan.
Prior to joining the Company, Craig served 11 years as CEO of The Tudog Group, a business advisory firm founded in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1999. During Craig’s tenure Tudog, worked with more than 200 companies from 19 countries and 22 sectors. Craig is a widely published author with articles on business matters featured in magazines and newsletters internationally, including the publications of the Guatemala American Chamber of Commerce, the Israel Export Institute, the Romanian Chamber of Commerce, and the World Association of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises. He is also an in-demand speaker at international conferences, including the Florida Sterling Council, the International Project Management Association, the Central American Center for Entrepreneurship, the Israel Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, and the Pino Center for Entrepreneurship at Florida International University. Craig has also spoken at a number of cannabis symposiums in Florida and Oregon.

William David Jones – Senior Advisor and Consultant – Business Development, Licensing and Financial Operations, Kaya Holdings, Inc., and Subsidiaries

David has been a business development advisor and financial consultant to the Company since early 2013. His contributions have included providing introductions to investment capital, advising on public company administration, working alongside the CEO to develop and implement the Company’s business plan and day to day operations, including assistance with obtaining cannabis and psychedelic business licensing and interfacing with banks and regulators on behalf of the Company. David was the leading advocate for the Company to enter the cannabis space and is leading the effort into psychedelics. David operates BMN Consultants, Inc, an advisory firm specializing in investment banking consulting. Through BMN Consultants, he maintains relationships with a unique network of institutional and accredited investors and serves as an advisor to CVC International LTD, a fund that has been a significant source of funding for KAYS, as well as Fifth Dimension Therapeutics, Inc. (KAYS’ Psychedelics subsidiary) and Kaya Brand International, Inc. (KAYS’ subsidiary for International Cannabis Projects).

Bryan Arnold – Vice President, Fifth Dimension Therapeutics & Managing Director of The Sacred Mushroom Psychedelic Centers

Bryan has the distinction of being one of the first 10 licensed psilocybin facilitators in the United States and has been central to developing the foundation and treatment principles of The Sacred Mushroom. Bryan has been with Kaya Holdings since the opening of the first Kaya Shack™ retail shop in July 2014, and has worked his way into management by combining his marketing and graphic skills with a deep understanding of cannabis. Prior to working with Kaya, Bryan grew cannabis with Rainforest Organix, an Oregon based cannabis grower. Bryan has been growing cannabis and operating cannabis businesses for more than 10 years.

Chad Craig – Vice President, Oregon Operations,

Chad came to Kaya Holdings after KAYS purchased his cannabis company OG Harley in 2015. OG Harley operated a cannabis farm and distribution company serving the cannabis industry in Oregon. Prior to founding OG Harley, Chad was a middle-management executive with an Oregon based logistics company. Chad has been growing cannabis and operating cannabis businesses for more than 15 years and is the glue that holds our Oregon Operations together.

Kaya Holdings, Inc. Board of Directors

Serving alongside Craig Frank are:

Carrie Schwarz

Carrie Schwarz, who became a director in January 2010, served as a Portfolio Manager at Metropolitan Capital, a New York based hedge fund until 2017 when she founded a hi-tech company. From 1999 to 2001, Ms. Schwarz was an executive at Bank of America Securities, where she built and managed a proprietary Risk Arbitrage Department. From 1991 to 1999 she founded and managed Athena Investment Partners, L.P., a hedge fund that focused on special situations. Prior thereto, she was with American Porters, L.P., a hedge fund that focused on risk arbitrage, which she joined as a junior analyst in 1995 and ultimately rose to become Head of Research and a partner. Ms. Schwarz serves on the board of directors of the American Friends of the Weizmann Institute of Science.

Mitch Chupak

Mitch resides in Israel since 1972. Throughout the years, since 1980, Mitch has been involved with development and management of incoming tours and conferences to Israel. The tours and conferences are developed for special interest groups, non-profit fundraising organizations, religious tours, the arts, and regular touring. Mitch is the Director of Development for the Jaffa Institute, the largest social service agency serving Jaffa, South Tel Aviv and Bet Shemesh. For the past 25 years Mitch has grown the organization extensively and is responsible for development of major social service, educational and community projects by securing millions of dollars in funding. Mitch developed funding sources worldwide and created major donors in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and South America. In 2005 Mitch created the Israel Fundraisers Forum to assist other non- profit organizations better understand methods of fundraising. The forum promotes professionalism in fundraising and development and assists both organizations and individual fundraisers to improve methods of the profession. Today the Israel Fundraisers Forum includes over 100 organizations and meets once a month. Mitch is active in his community and serves on several organization committees.

Glenn Murphy, Adv. – Board Member, Fifth Dimension Therapeutics

Glenn is a founding board member of Fifth Dimension Therapeutics, and with 25 years of private and corporate law practice, including ten years in-house with the Henkel Group and more than fifteen years in private practice, Glenn’s experience brings a unique skillset to our team.

An intellectual Property Attorney, Glenn’s current practice primarily focuses on building and managing domestic and international utility and design patent portfolios and opining on the validity and infringement of U.S. patents. In addition to drafting and prosecuting patent applications filed in the U.S. and foreign patent offices, Glenn has briefed and argued before the U.S. Patent Office Board of Appeals, assisted with the preparation and argument of appeals before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, and assisted with the conduct of bench and jury trials in the U.S. District Courts and the U.S. International Trade Commission. He has provided due diligence and advice in acquisitions, divestments, licenses, and other transactions involving intellectual property rights. He has particular experience in building and managing domestic utility and design patent portfolios for non-U.S. clients. Mr. Murphy is a member of RatnerPrestia’s Biotechnology, General Chemistry and Polymers and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Groups.

United States Operations

David A. Levine, M.S. CJ – Chief Compliance & Security Advisor

David has over 40 years of combined law enforcement and academic experience). He earned his B.S. degree from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York City, and his M.S. degree from New Mexico State University. In 2004 David retired after a 23-year career in law enforcement in New York City and Westchester County N.Y. David’s assignments as a police officer included Patrol, Arson Investigation, Juvenile Investigations, Homicides, Major Crimes, and a rescue worker at the W.T.C. on 9/11. He retired as the Senior Detective 1st grade. David is a certified Non-Violence Crisis Intervention Instructor as well as a former member of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences and the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA). His teaching curriculum includes courses in Policing, Criminal Investigations, Crisis Planning and Response, Staff Misconduct and Workplace Violence, Arson Investigation, American Judiciary and Comparative Criminal Justice that he taught in London England. His research interests are Staff Misconduct and Workplace Violence, Multiculturalism in Law Enforcement, Hate Crimes and Bias Incidents. David has presented at numerous conferences throughout the United States.

Ben Temer – U.S. Brands Ambassador

Ben has been involved in the healthcare sector most of his professional career. He has served as an administrator for Brooklyn, N.Y. based Amerihealth Medical Corp. and was a service representative for New York Medical Imaging. Ben co-founded Florida based Total Holistic Center, a chain of medical offices offering cannabis based and other alternative treatments to remedy a wide range of pathologies and discomforts and is the founder and Chairman of the International Jewish Cannabis Association.

Greek Operations

Ilias Kammenos

Ilias is co-founder of Greekkannabis, our Greek joint venture partner. Ilias is the CEO of I. Kammenos Group of companies, with holdings in the automotive, real estate and tourism sectors. He is the scion of a prominent Greek family active in business and politics, including his father, Panagiotis “Panos” Kammenos, who recently competed his service as the Greek Minister of Defense. Ilias brings his family’s generations’ old commitment to business excellence to the newly legalized cannabis sector in Greece, continuing a tradition of his grandparents – being at the vanguard of new and exciting industries. Ilias gained experience as a management consultant while completing his master’s degree in management studies at Boston University in Massachusetts, United States, where he provided service to Fidelity Investments and Thermo Fisher Scientific in areas of revenue improvement through technology and human resource tactics to improve employee mobility. In Greece Ilias has both worked for his family’s group of companies as well as outside companies, balancing obligation with opportunity. In this spirit, Ilias has worked with the Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company, FAGE Dairies (a family owned international food enterprise), and the KLW Import-Export Company.

Panagiotis “Panos” Kininis

Panos is a co-founder of Greekkannabis, our Greek joint venture partner. While studying for his Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Sciences and Master of Science degree in Biotechnology (both at the Agricultural University of Athens), Panos became aware of and excited by the medicinal and commercial potential of cannabis. Panos began his entrepreneurial path as the Managing Member of Zogopoulos Bros., a distinct enterprise serving the construction and interior design sectors. Turning his attention to melding his academic pursuits with his instinctive business drive, Panos served as a Scientific Advisory to Ambrosia Pet Foods, where he assisted in developing recipes for dry pet nutrition. As a student Panos also Co-founded and managed AgroOperations, Ltd., which developed an innovative hydroponics project to extract higher yields. Panos is a veteran of the Greek Armed Forces, where he served with honor as Assistant of the Directorate of the Press and Public Information.

Israeli Operations

Avi Bar

Avi is a serial entrepreneur and the owner of OrganiCann, an Israeli based cannabis marketing firm. Prior to launching his own company in the medical space Avi held sales positions at Rafa Laboratories and Tetra Pharm, and Vice President of Sales and Trade at Tetra Pharm and Herba. From 2008 until 2016 Avi also owned MAGMA Advertising which owned a number of advertising centers in Jerusalem.

Kaya Shalvah Board of Directors

Offer Lapidot (Brig. Gen. Res.)

A career fighter pilot in the Israel Air Force (1969-1996), Offer served two tours as a fighter squadron commander, and served as commander of the Flight Training School, commander of the Ramon Air Force base, and Head of Planning & Organization (at Air Force HQ). Offer completed his service with the rank if Brigadier General. After his military service Offer spent a number of years in senior management positions at Israel’s leading retailer, as well as CEO of a high-tech start-up, only to miss flying and return to the skies as a pilot for El Al airlines. After his mandatory retirement from commercial flying, he joined the El Al executive team where he is currently the Director of Safety and Quality for El Al Airlines. Offer has his B.A. degree in Economics from Bar Ilan University, and his M.S. in Management from the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey, California.

Ilan Horesh (Col. Res.)

Ilan was a career Israel Defense Forces (IDF) officer, retiring in 1993 after 23 years at the rank of Colonel. During his career Ilan held numerous command positions with combat ground forces. His final assignment in the IDF was Commander of the School of Electronics and Computerization. After his military service Ilan was an executive with such companies as Pelephone, Bezek, and Paz Oil. Ilan has served on the Boards of a number of Israeli companies, including Rakah Pharmaceutical Industry, Ltd., Ampa Investments, Ltd., and Retalix, Ltd.

Joseph Gayer, Adv.

Joseph is a founding partner of the international law firm Zysman, Aharoni, Gayer. Joseph is a prominent expert in a number of legal fields, including commercial litigation and contract law, representing clients on both domestic and international matters.


KAYS has developed its business plan after seven years of cannabis operations in Oregon – honing our skills, developing our knowledge base, expanding our genetics, and constructing our international operational foundation.

KAYS views six operational fundamentals as the central set of capacities that will define KAYS and our success globally in the years to come – the years that the global cannabis industry is expected to expand and finally meet analyst expectations for scope and size.

KAYS has spent seven years conducting trials and experiments and codifying SOPs and best practices. Management is keenly aware that execution on these fundamentals are the differentiating factors that will provide KAYS with critical competitive advantages – allowing Kaya Holdings to assume its rightful and historical place as a global cannabis industry leader.

The KAYS foundation for success includes:

One: Commercial Scale Cultivation

KAYS has 800,000 square feet of combined advanced cannabis cultivation facilities under development in Greece and Israel.

Two: High Volume Cannabis Processing (Extraction and Infusion)

KAYS has 160,000 square feet of combined EU-GMP facilities under development in Greece and Israel.

Three: Compelling Brands in Broad Categories

Through Kaya Brands USA, KAYS has developed 18 compelling brands in traditional and innovative categories.

Four: Retail

The Kaya Shack™ brand of cannabis retail shops is appealing, compelling and consumer centric.

Five: Distribution

Kaya Kannabis, KAYS’ Greek joint venture, and Kaya Shalvah, KAYS’ Israeli joint venture, have both signed letters of intent with European based pharmaceutical distribution companies and EU based cannabis distribution companies.

Six: Technology

The emerging cannabis cultivation and processing sector now has the commercial potential to warrant the R&D investment to advance crop quality and accuracy, provide process efficiencies and automations, and improve profitability. The pace of developments requires that KAYS remain active in developing partnerships with technology incubators, participating in technology trials, and assisting in promoting continued innovation.


KAYS ESG Commitment

Kaya Holdings is committed to establishing and maintaining operations that consistently merit high scores on accepted ESG scales. To secure these standards management has set the following guiding principles for all KAYS’ operations.

  1. ESG considerations shall be part of the company’s policy creation process.
  2. ESG considerations shall be part of the determination as to which companies we chose to partner with and select as our service providers.
  3. Be active in promoting ESG policies within the cannabis industry.

“KAYS is committed to creating opportunity for our team members, value for our shareholders, and partnership with our communities. We endeavor to always act with the highest of ethical standards and to always try to do the right thing. Most importantly, we believe in promoting kindness by serving as examples of kindness”. – Craig Frank, KAYS CEO

KAYS Key Environment Principles

  1. KAYS will limit carbon emissions by either placing solar energy onsite, or mitigating usage through a solar farm designed to replace any energy we consume.
  2. KAYS shall limit water stress and mitigate pollutants by installing a closed-loop irrigation system that treats and recycles water.
  3. Any raw materials required will be sourced from ESG ranked suppliers.
  4. KAYS will use only non-toxic pest control methods.
  5. KAYS shall use minimal packaging to avoid waste.

KAYS is committed to working sustainably and with careful consideration of our carbon footprint. The Company continues to integrate advanced technologies designed to reduce KAYS’ footprint and demonstrate our commitment to the environment.

KAYS Key Social Principles

  1. KAYS shall invest in its employees through labor management, employee education and advancement programs, employee health care initiatives, and an emphasis on employee safety.
  2. The company will apply rigorous safety and workplace practices on its supply chain partners.
  3. The Company shall only source products and services from socially and community engaged enterprises.
  4. All KAYS’ products shall undergo vigorous quality control processes, adhere to the highest standards only, ensuring the safety of all products.
  5. KAYS shall initiate some social programs as well as support programs of interest and important to the communities within which we operate. These programs will seek to support the expansion of access to healthcare and to nutrition, as well as programs that assist children and aid animals.

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